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The Most Versatile 1 Bedroom Apartments in Hattiesburg

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There are many different sized apartments that have been made according to the different needs of the people on the family sizes. Smaller families looking for versatile one bedroom apartments in Hattiesburg MS are surely in for luck as these one bedroom apartments are amazing for the owners who have been looking for them for a long time.

These one bedroom apartments in Hattiesburg MS serve different needs in different places and setting while some of them have the most standard sizes available for them that help them get the very best out of their budget and their needs at the very same time.  While many people might present them to you in the most known form, there’s us, who can provide you with variable types and needs that are given as follows

    One-bed apartments

With just a small patio, a smaller bedroom, a small living and kitchen covered area and a bathroom, these one bedroom apartments also have a corridor that makes up for the whole 38.99-meter square area of the apartment to be truly compact in size.

    Large one-bed apartments

The large one bedroom apartments are bigger in size than the normal and standard one bedroom apartments as their size varies to 43.64 square meters and they consists of a patio, one bedroom, one living room, a dining or kitchen area and a bathroom too. The largest area is of the living and kitchen area together which are almost always made side by side. There is always a corridor included in this covered whole area too.

    Studio apartments

These apartments are also one such type but often fall into the above-specified categories because of the same covered area with just a few changes belonging here and there. Studios are normally spread over a standard size area of 30.86 square meters while there is one living room that also serves as a sleeping room which is about 3.77 x 5.01 m in size. The kitchen is about the size about 2.42 x 1.81 meters while the bath consists of a 2.42 x 1.70-meter area that also has a corridor small area for moving within the apartment.

Therefore, we make sure that with the most precise and clear specifications, we do not hide anything from you and let you choose from the wide options that you have for your apartment needs.