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New grocery store coming to downtown Jackson

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The Landmark Center will be home of a new grocery store coming to downtown Jackson. Source: WLBT
Mayor Lumumba revealed the city’s strategic plan during a meeting Monday. Source: WLBT
The Landmark Center will be home of a new grocery store coming to downtown Jackson. Source: WLBT

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) –

New development.

are coming to downtown Jackson.
It’s been decades since there was a grocery store downtown, but that is about to change.

What would be the area’s only grocery store is slated to open on Capitol Street near Lamar Street.

That announcement comes as Jackson unveils its new strategic plan to the public.

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The Landmark Center will be the new home of Corner Market. The Roberts Company, based in Hattiesburg owns, the chain.

Corner Market signed a standard 10-year lease in the Landmark building, which has been largely vacant since 2012.

The grocery store will concentrate on a deli approach with fruits, vegetables and basic essentials. There will be a lunch counter available and indoor seating in the Landmark’s common area.

“It is great," said a Jackson resident. "I hope it has stockings."

“Jackson, downtown, is in its revitalization time and stuff has to come down here to draw people back downtown,” said another resident.

Ben Allen is the president of Downtown Jackson Partners. He says with hundreds of new apartments being constructed in the area, the store is right on time.

“That is not their only goal, we have 22 to 23,000 people down there every day," said Allen. "A lot of folks walking during lunch will slip in there and buy some groceries for the evening instead of dealing with the traffic after work."

Monday, the city of Jackson unveiled a strategic plan with bench marks from now until 2021, starting with infrastructure.

Jackson’s Chief Administrative Officer Robert Blaine says the city will focus on fixing problems underneath the road instead of just filling potholes.

Also, road repairs funding will increase by using $4 million of the 1 percent sales tax funds.

“We need to able to maintain our infrastructure and build the capacity we need,” said Blaine.

Jackson leaders also want to reduce blight by 25 percent by 2021. According to the timeline, the city leaders are working now to recruit blight partners.

Later this year, they will begin knocking down blighted properties in Golden Key and Greenview areas.

“Having an integrated strategy that truly looks at the inherent dignity of every citizen in the city is important,” said Blaine.

The new grocery store is expected to open by late 2019 or early 2020.

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