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Kitchen Design Idea for 1 Bedroom Apartments in Hattiesburg Ms

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Many might think that staying in one bedroom apartments is difficult, but if you know how to manage space then it won’t be any issue.  Students and those living single or with their partners always opt for smaller apartments. There are many of them who have been seeking one bedroom apartments in Hattiesburg MS. Those who are in a dilemma whether investing in IBHK is a loss or not then we will show you how1BHK apartments are a total profit.

If you are wise enough to save space, then one BHK apartments will never bother you. Since space crunch is being faced by many, there are various hacks which help you save space. From bedroom furniture to dining space and even in the kitchen there are techniques to save space.

Managing the bedroom and the dining space is easier as compared to the kitchen. The kitchen is the area which requires maximum space as it has many items to be accommodated.  Installing modular kitchens in the kitchen area helps you save place. There are various companies which have ready-made modular kitchen which just needs to be fitted inside. However, those who would like to save a little more space can follow these tips-

  • Spices jars and bottles need a lot of space as there are not one or two bottles of spices. When you have the liberty to design the kitchen for your 1 bedroom apartments in Hattiesburg MS, then design for yourself thin shelves to store all the spice bottles.
  • Towels are a must in the kitchen. Whether you use a paper towel or cloth towels, you need dedicated areas to keep them so that you do not keep losing track of them. Since the walls are all used up for the shelves and cabinets, you can keep the paper towels on the door mounted hangers. Door mounted hangers save space.
  • Trash and garbage bins are a must for the kitchen. If you do not have any place to accommodate, them design pull out bins drawers to save space. If you have a little more space accommodates a space to keep baking soda to eliminate the odor.
  • Instead of having horizontal pan storage spaces opt for vertical storage spaces. Vertical storage spaces allow greater accommodation.

With these little knacks, you can save space in your kitchen and make greater floor space which allows easier movements