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ROBERT ST. JOHN: Beach music through time | Columns |

ROBERT ST. JOHN: Beach music through time

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Northwest Florida Daily News

WATERCOLOR, FLORIDA — Sitting here in the early morning dark of a rental house’s front porch — while my son and his three friends sleep the guilt-free, deep sleep of 16-year-old boys who have yet to worry about things like jobs and family responsibilities during Spring Break — it occurs to me that I have a long and storied history with this little postage stamp of the world they call the “Redneck Riviera.”

Until I was 30, my understanding of the Florida Panhandle was almost always experienced through someone else’s family. My single-mom schoolteacher rarely had the disposable income for a beach trip. We had a small fish camp on the Pascagoula River near Vancleave that offered experiences for a young boy and his older brother that I wouldn’t trade for the best beach story, today. But as a kid, Destin was where “it” was happening. I had several friends who went often, and I was lucky enough to tag along. (more…)